our story

At Forestville Pizzeria, we are a family business in the small river community of Forestville in West Sonoma County, CA. We opened our doors in December of 2011 in the Westside Center, where prior pizza restaurants had been for a number of years.

Our goal was to open a restaurant in a small community where we could get to know our customers, and be involved in the community. A family business for our children to grow up around, and spend time together was what we envisioned. After months of searching for just the right place, we found our location in Forestville!

Don was a Winemaker for almost 25 years, and Gwen was a Tax and Business Accountant, so with opposite busy seasons, a young son, and a daughter on the way, they decided it was time for a change. Don was passionate about cooking, and Gwen was passionate about pizza, thus Forestville Pizzeria was created.

They purchased the prior Andorno’s Pizza in October of 2011, and spent 2 months renovating before opening our doors on December 10, 2011.

Don, Gwen, Owen, & Brinley


Don and Gwen created the menu using the best possible sources for all their ingredients, which is reflected in our food today.

We employ a mix of local high school and college students, along with highly experienced staff. Our involvement in the community has allowed us to partner with local schools and organizations to benefit a wide variety of causes locally!

We look forward to many years of great food, great people, and “The Good Life.”

See you soon!

Don, Gwen, Owen, and Brinley